WhatsApp New UI

There is new UI from whatsapp. You can download latest whatsapp version from here http://www.whatsapp.com/android/


How to make voice calls via WhatsApp on Android, conventionally on the current version of WhatsApp

  • Download the latest version of WhatsApp messenger for Android (version 2.12.19) from the official website
  • Check out for a brand new user interface (UI)
  • Verify the presence of a new Calls tab
  • Navigate to the new Calls tab, and make calls to specified contacts/friends while chatting or by just browsing through the list of WhatsApp contacts
  • Do remember that your WhatsApp contact/friend needs to have installed the latest version of WhatsApp compatible with the Voice Calling feature. Or else, you will receive a customised warning.
  • When you call a user who is offline, you will hear the phone ring. If the person you are calling does not pick up, they will receive a missed call notification




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